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Zoe And Binks discuss the fate of Maggie

Zoe and Bianca spend an evening hanging out, discuss the fate of Maggie/BAM.

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Zoe And Binks Become “Friends”, Frankie Talk

Zoe is out of the hospital after being attacked by the Satin Slayer. She bonds with Bianca and they discuss Zoe’s very early deceleration of love. Bianca tells her about how she did the same with Frankie and they opt for friendship.

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Valentines Montage, Maggie sends Binks a card

It’s Valentine’s Day in Pine Valley and Maggie has sent Bianca a card in this montage

Bianca read a card she got from Maggie, then talks with Zoe.

The ending montage of the Valentines Day episode, includes Binks (more)

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Bianca and Kendall discuss Zoe & Maggie

Bianca and Kendall discuss their mother, Zoe and has Bianca made a choice between Zoe and Maggie?

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Erica confronts Josh and Bianca, meets Zoe

Erica tries to get Josh and Bianca to leave town, she gets caught up on the Zoe situation, Maggie mentions included.

More of Erica’s…”rantings” and then her joy at the prospect of Bianca with a “man”. More Maggie overtones.

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BAM In The Park…Good-Bye?

Bianca calls Maggie to the park…we’re not saying another word about this scene, just watch.

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Zoe returns Miranda’s doll, More BAM drama

Zoe returns Mirnada’s doll, Maggie shows up and there is more BAM drama

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Bianca/Josh, Maggie Vs. Zoe

Bianca is dismayed to discover Zoe living with Josh and yells at them both about it. Zoe leaves for a walk to give them time to talk and runs in to Maggie in the park.

Bianca talks with Kendall about keeping Emma from Ryan and using herself as bait for the killer. Maggie and Zoe talk in the park about their feelings for Bianca.

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Bianca and Julia discuss motherhood and Maggie

The next generation of Pine Valley has a playdate in the park while Bianca and Julia discuss motherhood…and was Bianca too hard on Maggie?

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